The top five in demand cloud skills for 2018

The top five in demand cloud skills for 2018

In the year 2018, whether a business organization is small or big, they are coming forward with various cloud projects. As a result of which the requirement of cloud skills is also increasing day by day. The idea of cloud and its significance in the modern day is supposed to be adopted by the public rapidly and is expected to accelerate very quickly. Although new and advanced technologies is giving the job market a new shape with machine learning and automation skills, still the kind of skill required to work with these kinds of technologies is lacking in the IT industry. Over 350,000 cloud professionals are required to work in the cloud industry. There is still hope for the industry if the current IT professionals increase their knowledge about cloud technology and play their part. If you are entering the cloud industry for the first time or want to increase your marketing skills, then develop your ability and skills for the cloud industry by following these important aspects of cloud industry:

Cloud security

These days, the public cloud provider stores the data required in various business organizations. The organization’s inside information and data is absolutely secured and safe in a cloud. It is absolutely untrue that an organization’s data and information is not safe in a cloud. Of course, all the cloud providers do not provide the same standard of service and security. Some are better than the other. For example, Microsoft is going to invest around $1 billion for cyber security per annum. But it is the responsibility of every individual organization to monitor their cyber security all the time. A cloud provider works with an organization through a shared responsibility model, which means the cyber security of a business organization is not the sole responsibility of the cloud provider who acts as a vendor of cloud storage here. The organization must also be attentive regarding the safety and security of their data in the cloud. Even if majority of the work is done by the cloud providers, there are still tons of things that an IT professional needs to learn to become a cloud professional and understand its working procedure and importance of cloud security. To make sure that a particular organization’s data and information are safe, professionals must learn the use and effectiveness of the modern security tools provided by organizations like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

Machine learning and AI

All the heavyweight IT related words like machine learning, artificial intelligence and big data are the centre of attractions of most of the IT projects these days. Studies have revealed that, the popularity and usage of machine learning and artificial intelligence will increase by 50% in the next three years. So, every cloud provider is expanding their services as cloud computing consulting so that organizations can work with these cutting edge technologies with ease. Machine learning requires machine learning tools which are provided by cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure. These tools are quite simple to set up if the tutorials are followed properly. Of course you need to belong from engineering background.

Serverless Architecture

If a server less architecture is used while developing an application, then the developer does not have to worry about the infrastructure underlying the main architecture while running the application. Application developers believe that using a server less architecture is the smartest way to build an application. Using one or more than one servers to develop and application has become quite back dated. Developing an application with serverless architecture has its own advantages. These are as follows:
  • The application developed with a serverless architecture is scalable.
  • The can be upgraded easily if it has a serverless architecture.
  • An application build on a server less architecture is quite cheaper compared to the ones built on servers.

Cloud migration and multi cloud deployment

According to IDC, public is moving towards cloud everyday and organizations needs cloud professionals who can shift their applications and other services provided to the customers to the cloud as well. If organizations can move their applications and services to the cloud, then huge amount of time will be saved from maintaining and storing large databases. This will save a lot of time and manpower as well. But moving everything of an organization to cloud is easier said than done. It is a time consuming process and can be quite risky. Although cloud can provide security when the data is present in it, but during the process of migration the data and other information of the organization can become vulnerable to hackers and it can become a huge security issue.


Application developers believe that automation is pathway which provides cloud service and security to various organizations. Automation has a huge role to play in a good cloud designing. There are various tools available such Jenkins, terraform etc. which will provide an organization the ability to perform automation at various platforms.

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