Best 3D Laser Scanning Services

Best 3D Laser Scanning Services

3D laser scanning is one of the most modern Technologies to analyze the structure of the products or the machine components. A lot of companies now a day provide these kinds of services. 3d Laser scan uses a method called reverse engineering from which the CAD models of the product can be produced. Some of the best 3D laser scanning services are:

Laser Triangulation

It is a method used to find the distance of the object using a directional light source and a video camera. In this method a laser light is deflected into a scanning object using a mirror, the object scatters the light and the scattered light is captured by the video camera kept at a triangulation distance from the camera. We can see the pixel rate and the angle are related. Since the focal length of the camera is known we can find the scattering angle which is also known as the projection angle and thus using simple trigonometry we can find the 3D spatial coordinates of the surface point and thus the name trigonometry. The detection of the scattered light can be done in both 1d and 2D.

3D digital scanning Services

3D digital scanning has become a popular tool in industries worldwide. This is due to the ability of a 3D scanner to produce a digital 3-dimensional image by scanning a real object. The most common use for the digital scanner is in the manufacturing of parts such as those used in the electronics or automotive industries. However, 3d digital scanning can be used for other purpose as well. For example, in the art world an archivist can use a digital scanner to scan images of artifacts and artwork. A research scientist can scan irreplaceable fossils for later study and a medical doctor can scan a tumor during surgery for later analysis. 3D digital scanning has become so popular that many companies have started building 3D scanners, but the quality of scanners produced by each company is not the same.

3D laser imaging Services

3D laser imaging is not only used for inspection purposes. The ability to scan an object or surroundings and produce digital 3D models with the collected information is proving very helpful across diverse fields. Other areas in which 3D laser imaging is creating a great impact consist of reverse engineering, the film business, anthropology and industrial design. You will find several methods of effectively conducting inspections at numerous points during production, but non-contact 3D laser scanning offers speed with repeatability. By introducing 3D laser imaging to your production process, you will be ensuring a high degree of quality control possible for your final product, while revealing a dedication to quality and safety. Some of the factors while choosing a 3d laser scanning company  or service are:
  • Does the scanner acquire texture maps?
  • Is the scanner eye safe?
  • What is the digitizing speed?
  • What is the resolution of the texture map?
  • Can they provide scanning on site?
  • Will they provide you with texture maps, and what sizes?
  • Can they export models into your 3D applications?
  • Can they send you the 3D data over the internet
Hope this short article helped you in getting some relevant and insightful information regarding various laser 3d scanning services.

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